The Roman - Catholic Cathedral is one of the most impressive buildings which dominates the main thoroughfare of the town. It integrates itself among the buildings of the Revolution Boulevard.
The building has a special architecture and was erected between 1902 - 1904 in Renaissance style according to the plans of Emil Tabakovics. The main entrance is arched, dominated on both sides by two colonnades which frame, in their superior side, the half round, deepened frontispiece.
The frontispiece houses the sculpture "Pieta", a copy of the one in San Piedro in Rome carved by Michelangelo. Above the sculpture, there is a frieze with three statues and a quotation from Luca, the evangelist, " My house is the house of prayers".
The tower of the cathedral, having a half-circular dome that is 56 m high, impresses by monumentality and sumptuousness. Visitors are impressed by the double and the simple colonnades that support the half-circular arches from the inner side till the altar. Wonderful is also the system of lighting the basilica; the light comes through 10 extremely beautiful stained glass windows that have themes typical to Western type Christianity. Visitors are also impressed by the painting of the church, achieved by Löhr Fernec and Bogdanffy Pauli Erik in the same Western style.
On the right side of the entrance, on the wall of the pronaos, there is an inscription from the old Convent of Arad Minorities that reminds us of the presence of the Emperor Josef II in the Arad area. A beautiful statue of the TRINITY is also there, at the beginning of the century it was placed in front of the Theatre.
The church has an organ with an extraordinary resonance. Because of this, concerts are organised in the church in cooperation with the Philharmonic orchestra, they may be on religious themes.
The bells were moulted in the Hönig workshops of Arad, famous in all of Central Europe for their masterpieces.
Between 1965-1966, the inner side of the cathedral was restored. The Miltaller brothers, famous for their talent, did the work.
Very recently, the facade of the cathedral was restored getting all its monumentality. The Roman - Catholic Church, built due to the people of Arad, represents one of the most outstanding buildings of the town. It is a monument, but also a place where one may pray.

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