A town that made history

Arad. Brief history

    Arad municipality is one of the oldest settlements in Romania and the archaeological discoveries testify traces of life since the Neolithic Age. The traces of human existence can be followed up to the 11th century when the domination of the Hungarian feudal kingdom extended over this area.
     The Arad area has been first mentioned back in 1028 in documents relating the fights of the native population against the Hungarian feudal kingdom. The locality Arad was first mentioned in a document from 1078-1081, inserted in a document from 1347, as well as in the "Painted chronicle from Vienna" dated 1131.
  In 1551-1552 the Turks that would erect a fortress where the factory Teba lies occupied the city. A new civil settlement will develop around the fortress. During the Turk occupation (1551-1687) beside the strategic position the city becomes an important commercial centre described by the famous Turkish traveler Evlia Celebi.
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