The development the town sustained during the 19th century transformed Arad from a medieval town into a modern one. The majority of the buildings erected in this period were in Neoclassic and Secession style offering a specific character to the town. The central area has polarized the institution, the greatest part of the flats, commercial, cultural, medical, administrative, and educational units.
Under the circumstances, the middle of the town has an architectonic area known by the natives as "The Firemen's Square". The name comes from the fact that the headquarters of the civilian fireman unit was there. The Firemen's Square was founded in 1835. Nearby, Saint Florian Chapel was erected; it is known that Saint Florian is the patron of the firemen.
In the second half of the 19th century, the local authorities decided to build the Water Tower - an edifice that would be very important for town life. The tower was built in order to supply the whole town with water and to have enough water in the case of fires.
The tower is 35 m high and was ready to be used in 1896. As an architectonic style, it fits the suburb it is placed in. The tower made of stone and bricks, impresses visitors with its massiveness and height.
The balconies and windows have a nice ornamentation. The visitors are also impressed by the variety of adornments existing on the top level.

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