The main road called Revolution Boulevard, known by the local population as the Boulevard dominates the central side of the town. One of the most representative buildings existing at one end of the Boulevard is the State Theatre from Arad. Because of its dominating position, the building offers a magnificent view of the Boulevard.
In the next lines, we want to make reference to this building as very few know its history and details regarding its construction.
In the first half of the 19th century, Arad knew a special economical and cultural development, which included a theatrical movement. In 1868, the administrative board of the town decided to begin the building of a theatre and a town hall. The decision was viable because of the economical growth of the time, which provided Arad with sufficient financial resources. A Bank of Vienna offered the required sum of 700.000 Florins for erecting the two buildings. The building was built between 1872-1874. The first plays were performed on stage in 1874. This building has a Neo-classical style with three levels. The main entrance is placed on the axle of the Boulevard and is marked by a colonnade that supports the front side.
Since its opening and up to the Second World War, the theatre offered its stage for many performances, both for the local theatrical association and for famous groups from the country and abroad. In between the wars, in front side of the building, there was a special restaurant called "Palace" which the people over 70 years can remember with nostalgia.
In time, the interior of the building suffered changes. In 1948, the state authorities decided to lay the foundation of the State Theatre, institution having an efficient activity.
In 1959, the theatre was completely rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire. The rebuilding following the fire restored the theatre to its original shape. The front side of the facade received a bas-relief made by sculptors from Arad (Ion Tolan, Valeriu Brudascu and Emil Vitroel). A new performance hall, known by everybody as the Studio hall, was constructed in 1967.

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