The Palace of Culture is one of the most representative buildings of Arad. It was erected between 1911-1913. The monument impresses up to now, each person, either native or foreign.
It combines a variety of styles. The front side is in Neo-classic style and has a front age supported by Corinthian big colonnades, above it being a big tower. The side wings are marked by elements of the Italian Renaissance. The castle of Hunedoara, a Gothic building, inspires the side that faces the park. Coming up the impressive stairs, the visitor first enters into a nice hall carved in Moneasa marble and then enters in the great concert hall.
Analysing the history of the palace, we may notice some important facts. The building of the edifice was initiated in 1901 by the Kölesey Culture Society, which was interested in having a building for housing the local museum, the town library, a concert hall, and an art gallery. A contest was organised and 27 projects were accepted. The interest was so great that architects from Paris, Berlin and Budapest participated in the competition. The local authorities accepted none of the projects. Then an appeal was made to the Arad architect Ludovic Szantay and the present location was chosen. Because of the lack of money, nothing was built until 1910. During the fall of 1912, the building of the palace was ready and part of the museum collection was exhibited in the new rooms.
The inauguration of the building took place on the 25th of October 1913. The philharmonic orchestra of the town was invited to the inauguration and pieces of Schubert, Goldmarck, Bizet and Beethoven were played. After that, important musical personalities from home and abroad were invited to play in the palace such as: Traian Grozavescu, Richard Strauss, Bela Bartok, and the famous composer and violin player George Enescu. In 1931, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary, George Enescu was adorned the title of citizen of honour of Arad in this hall.
Now, the building of the Culture Palace houses the County Museum and State Philharmonic.

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