In the second half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, Arad experienced a very special development from the point of view of culture and education. It is an epoch when many buildings were erected for housing schools. Near the Avram Iancu Square, on the Dragalina Boulevard, the Moise Nicoara High School building can be found; it is the most representative building and has such a designation not only in our town, but also in our county. The high school was founded in 1745, as the first gymnasium of Arad. During the 20th century, it was changed into a high school.
The building was erected during the 19th century and represents one of the most impressive school buildings of the country. It was built between 1869-1873 in a Neo-classic style according to the plans of the Pesta architect Diescher. The whole building is richly adorned with Renaissance elements, which give it a special outlook. On the main side of the edifice, there is a carved group, "Alma Mater", symbol of education and culture. The main entrance of the building impresses people because of its size. The sober colonnades in the main hall, the stairs made of Moneasa marble and the wide corridors create monumental, balanced, and classical harmony. The building houses a wonderful festivity hall. The Milltalers, 20 years ago, restored the hall offering it all the marvellous aspect it had so many years ago. The classrooms are wider than those in other schools. The building also has a very large gym hall. The present restoration works have offered the building all its original beauty. Famous scientists and people of culture were pupils of this high school, such as: Caius Iacob, member of Romanian Academy; and writers - Ioan Slavici, Titus Popovici, and Mihai Beniuc a.s.o. The building has a wide sportsground in front of it.

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